Holy Oysters "Methylene Blue"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

September 8th marked the release of Paris based electronic group Holy Oysters’ latest EP, Egonomy, via Distiller Records. Now, the five-piece is nudging us into a trance-like state with their video for “Methylene Blue,” one of nine tracks off Egonomy. The video features a crew of Spice Girl reminiscent dancers, their outfits flashing in and out of blue and white. It’s no wonder that the story behind the group’s name has a dreamlike background to it. Max Tribeche, singer and songwriter of Holy Oysters, adds, “An oyster came to me in a dream.”

Holy Oysters “Methylene Blue” is energetically charming, enveloping us in the type of pop only Parisians can produce. Visually enticing and a soundbyte joyride, the video is just a preview of what they can create. 

Keep up with Holy Oysters here, and listen to Egonomy here.

Photo by: Holy Oysters