Homesick #6: FF, “Caught In A Dream” was homesick from a long weekend in Seattle, sleeping on floors and shooting sets. To give them a piece of home life, a friend of local band Grave Babies invited the crew over to her house to hang out, watch Jurassic 5, listen to Gary Numan, and film Seattle group FF. As you may recall from the time Naomi Punk visited, these shindigs tend to upset the neighbors and invite the long arm of the law. For entry #6, the crew kept it lowkey, setting FF up in a backroom, sound proofed with bedsheets. The neighbors can't say shit about a noise disturbance that happens before 10 p.m.

FF's "Caught In A Dream" is a rip-roaring jammer that has us thinking about being young again, and what J. Mascis and Kevin Shields might have been like when they were young lads. From the rumors circulating, it shouldn't be long before we here plenty more from FF beyond the three-tracks currently available.

To hear more FF check out their Bandcamp.