Sam Kogon (ft. Frankie Cosmos), “I Was Always Talking”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

A Brief Explanation

Hotdog Sandwich’s Malcolm and Spencer

This may be confusing. Even to those of us already initiated. Animation for the music video paired with “I Was Always Talking” were kindly provided by these two legends, Malcolm and Spencer of Hotdog Sandwich.

Beautiful vocals and backdrop are provided by Sam Kogon, delivering “a lavish, painstakingly detailed work of modern-retro guitar pop.” You can grab Kogon’s Psychic Tears here.


As Hotdog Sandwich would tell you on their own:

“We work strictly nights and early mornings on a bed-sized desk in smoggy Los Angeles.

Malcolm Rizzuto and Spencer  Garrison even have their own cooking show, among a great deal of other creative works that can be found on their site.

If “I Was Always Talking” and the duo’s animation were to have a one-sentence summary (which it shouldn’t have), it may get chalked up as ‘an interplanetary breakup turning psychedelic sci-fi cartoon.’


In this beautiful, psychedelic poetry, a human and an alien fall for one another. Amounting to an epic tale that would throw Odysseus off-course, it doesn’t seemed forced to emotionally connect with the story. As a creation without visuals from Sam Kogon, the animation doubles-down in its outreach to any listener.

This is art in its greatest form, short of out-of-body, bone-chilling experiences. Cranking up the volume another few levels feeds into the visceral, interplanetary, cross-organism romance that will keep us up at night in the best possible way. A very memorable 4.5/5.


You can find Sam Kogon in a few places, particularly his Bandcamp and Facebook. In the same regard, you can check out Malcolm and Spencer on their site and on Facebook as well.