Illvis Freshly, "Upside Down" (ft. Caleb Hart)

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Jesus “Doc Zoo” Estevez, Dan “Danimal” Howse, Phil Lyons, and Justin “Mr. Doyle” make up the band Illvis Freshly. Their new video for “Upside Down” features Caleb Hart and tells a cautionary tale of a partying lifestyle and what “I just want to tell her what you need to do is love yourself”.
Directed by Rob Willey, “Upside Down” takes full advantage of the group’s musicianship and MC skills. “Upside Down” successfully combines rock with hip hop and a spot on chorus that you will find yourself singing when the video is over. Shot throughout parts of Victoria, BC, where the band is from, Willey has captured a frenetic day in the life. “She just wanna get up, she don’t wanna come down” – you can feel the lyrics as you are watching. We’ve all been there at one time or another, and Illvis Freshly has captured it all.

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