Jessy Lanza, “It Means I Love You”

jesse lanza

Since the release of Jessy Lanza’s Pull My Hair Back in 2013, she’s collaborated with Caribou on “Second Chance” and with DJ Spinn on the You Never Show Your Love EP. Both collaborations are relative to Lanza’s latest single “It Means I Love You” from the forthcoming Oh No LP.

DJ Spinn’s traditional footwork hyper kinetics were sincerely subdued on “You Never Show Your Love”, opting to enter Lanza’s world of minimalist r&b. On “It Means I Love You” Lanza absorbs footwork’s signature rapid-fire hi-hat percussion and hyper glitch. In that same regard, Dan Snaith’s mastery of the build on his Our Love LP transfers here as well. Lanza’s minimalism glides into claps and blasts of micro-samples that transforms her bongo beat into a controlled celebration. There’s a significant level of restraint in “It Means I Love You”, but in doing so Lanza has grown without denying her roots.

Jessy Lanza’s Oh No is out May 13 on Hyperdub.