Jo Marches, "Silver & Gold"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Silver & Gold” is the name of the debut EP and single for Jo Marches.  The EP, produced by David Hoogerheide and mixed by Baskerville’s Thijs van der Klugt, is a blend of new wave, pop and electronic sounds will leave you wanting more.
The video for “Silver & Gold” looks to be a dreamy, colorful love note, until it turns into something quite different.  The Dutch band Jo Marches (Johanneke Kranendonk, Gijs Coolen, David Cougarrijden, and Thomas Bosveld) have utilized Johanneke’s vocal range to create the perfect hypnotic sound, which lulls you into thinking you are listening to an elevated pop song.  Then you listen to the lyrics:  “I scratched the silver in my search for gold/Did all I could but this love’s turned cold”.
Directed by Gees Voorhees, the image of a broken heart takes on a softened tone as well, since when it is torn apart, it is filled with glitter.  It’s a creative twist that, even though a tragic turn, still makes you smile.
Silver & Gold is available now. Keep up with Jo Marches here.