Jocelyn Mackenzie, “Kids”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s indie pop sensation Jocelyn Mackenzie has been celebrating critical acclaim over her debut EP Unlovely. But this woman hasn’t stopped for a moment, as she’s also a fiber artist and jewelry maker, a woman of the arts who seems to always be creating something. Today, however, we have the incredible debut of the music video for her song “Kids”.

Holy makeup. Sincerely, as Jocelyn sings “hindsight’s twenty-twenty” and goes along a narrative about the “divine” love she used to be a part of and the tormented pattern she seems to be trapped in, you’re absolutely floored by the different makeup she dons. Per usual, she looks stunning, and her facial expressions really add a new – and perhaps sometimes strange – layer to the song.

Jocelyn and co-director Leopold Masterson had quite a bit to say about the video.

“Kids” focuses on cherishing love while embracing the past for the sake of a better tomorrow. Even if the scars of the past run deep, we can chose to mine gratitude and lessons from our struggles.

In our music video, illusion disassembles reality. We struggle to see ourselves. Our perspective is distorted through a kaleidoscope of time and trauma mirrored and clashed against the beauty of memories and love.

Only together can we work through our loss and pain to trust with abandon as we did when we were kids.

Unlovely is available now.