Jonti, "Staring Window"

Post Author: Andre G

“Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.”

Fans of Australian producer/songwriter Jonti have been waiting a long time to see that quote through. His last album was the highly regarded Sine & Moon, released in 2013. After years of anticipation, Jonti is back with Tokorats, his followup album via Stones Throw. The project is set to be released on November 2nd.

He recently released the animated video for “Staring Window,” a single from the project. The Aaron Guadamuz-directed video explores a surreal, serene ecosystem warmly coated by Jonti’s delicate soundscape. As a mischievous synthesizer and mandolin swerves along, we see floating faces with tentacles and oblong creatures hopping about the universe. The vocalist longs to “thrown back in lust” with someone, seemingly drifting off each bar into the ether of their psychedelic paradise.

That’s a similar sentiment that Jonti’s fans may have, though they’ll get their chance to hear the new project next week. You can pre-order Tokorats here.