Jonti, "Zuki"

Post Author: Andre G

For Jonti’s “Zuki” video, the latest single from his recently release Tokorats LP, the globetrotting producer got with Andy Koeger at seemingly the perfect time. Koeger said over e-mail that he became “obsessed” with the concept of inner demons, the predominant theme of Jonti’s eerie composition.
“For me, my demons stem from the fact that I only have a finite amount of time to live,” Koeger said. “All this is going to end, for everybody, and as scary as that is, it’s also fundamentally what makes life so beautiful.” He put together a beautiful, colorful visual that followed a woman’s journey through the afterlife after a car accident. She dances in synchronicity with those demons (and the punchy hip-hop influenced drums), before further exploring the murky space of the “other side.”
The creative video perfectly augments the track with a surreal, zany, yet thought-provoking energy that works well with its high-pitched synth and serene vocals.
You can purchase Tokorats here.