JPEGMAFIA, "Man Purse"

Post Author: Andre G

Last year rapper JPEGMAFIA made waves with his “I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump,” in which the unabashed individualist confused many who believed he was actually advocating for agent orange to seep through the White House. Yesterday, he released the video for “Man Purse,” a song that’s vehemently anti-Trump – and seemingly everything status quo. He reminds that he as “just playin’” about voting for Trump, and throws middle fingers to alt-right figureheads like Milo as if they just dissed him on DJ Vlad, but this isn’t an across the aisle rallying cry.
When he drops bars like, “who the fuck taught you liberals to vote? Same one taught you yuppies to cope/I sip liberal tears from a dirty glass filled Obama’s hope,” it seems he’s over the entire binary political structure. His cryptic, meandering lyrics don’t make his stance readily apparent, but they work in tandem with the Andrew McGlennon-directed video to confound and take a viewer on a ride through his.
As the song’s smooth trap groove attempts to escape the quicksand of stilted effects and a muck of screwed vocals, we see JPEGMAFIA in a range of scenes that resembles a strong trip anchored by 808s and Empire mixtape drops. He’s jumping on a bus bench. He’s on a mountain with a sword. He’s in a grungy basement with a mask on his head. Throughout it all, he captivates, a quality that bodes well for his Veteran album set to release on Deathbomb Arc this fall.