Juveniles, "Decoys"

Post Author: Andre G

French Synthpop outfit Juveniles is back with the first music since their self-titled debut. Band vocalist/producer Jean Sylvain has said that in the process of creating the upcoming Without Warning album, they desired to create music that sounded as “human” as possible while staying true to the electropop roots of the first offering. While recording in New York, the band collaborated with artists such as Joakim Bouaziz, where they focused on using as little computer software as possible during production.
The result of that process is “Decoys,” the fluttering lead single. As majestic arpeggiatted synths and dreamy keys flow along dance-floor ready drums, Sylvain’s graceful vocals weave a mysterious tale about the chase for triumph. “Decoys” received a colorful lyric video, with a filtered photo of the Without Warning album cover flickering about in luminous shades. You can check out the video here.
Without Warning is set to be released March 24th on all major online retail outlets. You can pre-order here.