Kallie Rock, "Girls Just Wanna Have Funds"

Post Author: Andre G

Ladies, make “Girls Just Want To Have Funds” your Monday Motivation. The 24-year-old Orlando singer put together the sunny pop record to show that “ladies are bosses too,” and sing about a good time with her girls. Oh, and with a “fat wallet.”
Kallie recently filmed an Edgar Esteves-directed video for the track in Miami, the prime spot for the kind of “if I won the lotto” fantasy she sung about on the guitar-driven track. Her two friends are actually with her in the video, so the good vibes we see are as real as it gets.
The record itself is important to showcase that the idea of women wanting to have money shouldn’t be conflated with being a (insert derogation) here. “We don’t need a man for money,” Kallie noted over email.
“Money doesn’t buy happiness by any means, but this is more of a track about enjoying life. I mean I know for myself if I had it like that I’d take all my girls to Bora Bora and hangout with Rihanna in Barbados.”
Maybe one day soon that will happen if she continues with bubbly, fun records like this.