Kissing Party – “A Little Star”

Post Author: Michael Nascenzi

Self-described “Slop Pop” band Kissing Party just dropped a fresh new video for their latest single “A Little Star.” What is Slop Pop you ask? It’s the sound of “debt, regret, heartbreak, hair dye, and grey days of PA.” The perfect soundtrack for our times.

After a quick old-school Kitty Wells intro to the video, the band dives right in to that familiar sound of fuzzy quarter notes, interweaving guitars, and longing vocals. It’s a timeless combination familiar to anyone who loves intimate shows in dark, garage-like settings. The DIY ethos rings loud and clear.

The Denver based band headed by Gregg Dolan has garnered consistent local support since their first release “Rediscover Lovers” in 2006. Their upcoming new album “Mom and Dad” hopes to build on that success with more heartfelt vocals while still pumping out that tasty sound of hooky guitars riffs that leave you wanting more. The new album drops May 17th.