Last Ex, “Girl Seizure”

Post Author: Jake Saunders

Simon Trottier and Oliver Fairfield (of Timber Timbre) are the guys behind Last Ex, an experimental duo out of Montreal who are putting out an instrumental album on Constellation Records this fall. From what we’ve heard so far, Last Ex weaves minimalist melodies and rhythms into a panorama of kraut-rock to electronic influenced music. The sound takes precedence from a scratched horror film score that Timber Timbre had initially worked on; the result is very cinematic, and visuals present themselves in a vaguely dream-like state. Lying into the background whilst creating a purposeful and expressive foundation, Last Ex has hit the mark on an instrumental melding of psychedelic jam with house and dub.

The video for their song, “Girl Seizure” is a wild trip of swirling pencil-drawn figures combining and melting into each other and other strange figures. The video’s abstract minimalism is a excellent pairing to the music, and we’re left with surrealist images to ponder just what the hell we’re experiencing.

Ex Hex’s new album is out October 14 via Constellation Records. Peep the video by Gabe Mangold below.