Lean, "Heatwave"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Lean started out with their first single “Come back” that premiered with Nylon Magazine and was named “The perfect make out song” in 2017. The duo started gaining attention after being mentioned on a radio show and blog BuzzbandsLA. “Heatwave” is the single from their forthcoming album “Years” which is set to be released in early 2018.

Lean comments on what inspired the track “Heatwave”,

“We try to write simple lyrics that have layers to them when we can. One of the layers in ‘Heatwave’ is a comment on the nightlife scene here in LA and the vapidity of the culture but we, hopefully, say it in a playful way.”

“Heatwave” is a song for the senses that preserves those beautiful days in LA. Lean paints the prettiest visual picture as we can actually feel and miss that sunbathing sensation that summertime brings. Not only does LA have a wild nightlife scene but there is also that daytime “Heatwave” that always drags you outside.

Video Directing by John Carluccio