Levon Henry, “Best Intentions”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Impose has your exclusive first look at the video for Levon Henry’s “Best Intentions”. From Henry’s Sinker album released earlier this year on Tiny Montgomery records, “Best Intentions” is a dreamy bit of folk pop and its video is a fittingly surreal look at the familiar.

The video for “Best Intentions” opens with the process of going through security, a first person view of kicking along a bag through ever winding stanchions. This mundane moment is overlaid with etchings that at times move with the music or simply project themselves over the action of a scene like some hieroglyphic lens through which the viewer experiences the video. Some moments are jarringly visceral or percussive, matching the song’s rhythm in an at times dizzying way.

By the time the saxophone comes in (played by Henry himself who also serves as the video’s director), the song and video have become an ethereal walk through a dreaming day between two realities.

You can purchase Levon Henry’s Sinker in this reality right here. You can also follow Levon Henry on Facebook, Twitter, and on his website at www.levonhenry.com.