Lumerians, “Smokie's Tangle (NSFW)”

Coming off the release of their six-track album, The High Frontier on Partisan Records, Oakland krautrockers Lumerians have put out a short film to accompany their track, "Smokie's Tangle." The bizarre and certainly NSFW video "Smokie and Lady Chronus: A Short Story of Love" left me uneasy, confused, yet intrigued. (I guess that means they got the "story of love" right.) The six-minute video features the love story of a quadruple breasted, triclops mouse-human hybrid and a giant fish. "Smokie's Tangle" is the perfect track to chronicle such a story as the guitars bluster and creep over mysterious bass lines, building, crashing and always grooving.

The High Frontier is out now on Partisan Records.