Marching Church, “Hungry for Love”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Elias B. Rønnenfelt’s Marching Church (also featuring members of Lower and Puce Mary) released a hauntingly vivid video, to compliment the already jarring track “Hungry for Love”, off of their forthcoming debut This World is not Enough. For just about the entirety of the track, the camera, never still, never steady, flickers between images—almost in constant dissolve, sometimes strobe-like in effect—of two women, one of whom appears to be eternally putting on make-up.

It might well be one of the most accurate representations of a love-starved combination of mind and memory, forever unable to focus on one thing; the inescapable past always creeping into the forefront, even (or perhaps especially) when intentionally trying to be forgotten. The whole thing is extremely experiential, yet uncannily universal. Much of the video appears to have been shot in an Asian city setting (or at least the Asian section of a city, with kanji characters glowing in neon from building fronts and a brightly-lit spire contrasting the mostly dark backdrop of the rest of the video), and the actions captured are of obvious importance to Rønnenfelt, but the sentiments behind them are most-likely relatable to anyone whose heart has experienced the strain of loss.

This World is not Enough will be released on March 31 via Sacred Bones.