Marie Davidson, “Balade Aux USA”

Post Author: Bryn Lovitt

The particular feel of Marie Davidson’s latest video is to trip on time-release. “Balade Aux USA” is a synth-driven poem brought to life by a short film directed by Kaspar’89. As the red-lipped artist navigates a blinking matrix, Davidson speaks in her signature French verses which, despite their detached delivery, feel strangely intimate. The video, for the first single off of Davidson’s second full-length (a follow-up to 2014’s Perte d’identité), channels 80s italo disco aesthetics into the style of a low-budget, late-night commercial. The Montreal artist once again embraces avant-garde visuals to express her music as fiercely original art-pop.

Un Autre Voyage drops April 14th on Holodeck Records.