Mark Fernyhough, "Steal My Love"

Post Author: Kat Harding

Mark Fernyhough, a London- and Berlin-based musician and artist has a new video for “Steal My Love,” starring actress Gabrielle Miller and featuring the incredible Baltic Sea as the backdrop. Fernyhough takes his viewers on a journey, arriving at the countryside, a coast with gentle lapping waves, and harsh city streets, while his echoing voice sings of love and romance. Miller is the perfect star of the video as the aloof and unreachable love, a mystery woman in a flowery gown. The sea’s deep blue and the vibrant shots of sunset evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia — something has slipped right through our fingers and we can’t ever get it back.

Fernyhough is finalizing his highly anticipated debut solo album has has toured on sold-out shows with Suede and has played with Gerry Leonard, David Bowie’s legendary guitarist. Like some of his photography, his music has a fresh take on a familiar feeling: we’ve never heard or seen anything quite like this. And we can’t wait to hear more.

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