Media Jeweler, "Motivate"

Post Author: JP Basileo

As a rule of thumb, I try not to compare bands to bands. RIYL lists be damned. What if I get it wrong? What if you’ve never even listened to the band I just said you sounded like? What if it’s just unnecessary? Such was the subjection of LA quartet Media Jeweler during a lengthy tour last year, and alongside their new single, “Motivate,” the hard-to-get-a-bead-on band lists every artist against whom they’ve been placed side by side (genres and labels are another story entirely and this writer is guilty of throwing around the occasional, perhaps inapplicable, term to describe a band). The track is off their forthcoming sophomore album, 1-800-SUCCEED, out March 30 on Fire Talk, and it’s a mellowed and fresh discourse of unique songwriting. A beautifully inquisitive chord opens the room to the conversation that’s about to happen, bass and drums prodding, plodding along in question, answered by guitar. The whole thing acts as a forward-moving group-chat between instruments and vocals, and everyone gets a turn to talk. Described as such, it would seem like a choppy or chaotic composition, but it’s not. That’s the problem with description. It’s so precise and complimentary that description goes out the door. Four instrumental voices exist, but only usually two at a time, the introduction of the vocals like a shy and humble being trying to interject into a harmonious to-and-fro. Keys enter late in the game, a cool glaze that further smoothes over what already is smooth. This musical talk goes so well, you find yourself wondering why you don’t find communications so agreeable with family, friends, colleagues, whomever.