Metavari, “Indigo”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Indiana-based electronic musician and graphic artist Nathaniel David Utesch operates under the transformative moniker “Metavari“. We’ve got the exclusive premiere for “Indigo”, the first song off Metavari’s upcoming record Symmetri.

“Indigo” starts off with mysterious “I’m about to watch a VHS from the 90s or before” vibe to it. It’s actually quite fun, with the imperfections and white noise aspects that are all-too-familiar for anyone who was around to witness the forlorn existence of a VHS after being played too many times. But, as we alluded to, it adds a hint of mystery and almost panic to see an intro like that. (Hi. Have you seen The Ring? Goosebumps? Did you have a childhood?) The fun song utilizes fun, upbeat 80s synth, and they timed the strobe lighting perfectly in the video to go with the staccato beat of it all.

This video is an absolute work of art, if ever there was one.

Tour Dates
Aug 27 – Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)
Sep 16 – Sep 17 – Middle Waves (Fort Wayne, IN)
Sep 29 – The Bishop (Bloomington, IN)

Look out for Symmetri in 2017.