Mined, "Mistakes"

Post Author: Andre G

An argument has perhaps never sounded as graceful as it does on London vocalist Mined’s latest track, “Mistakes.” Released in early February, the dreamy electronic composition is augmented with Mined’s simple pleas: “I didn’t mean to say that,” and “we all do things that we regret,” he softly croons, channeling the anguish felt after the kind of mistake that hinders a good thing. The song is paired with a The Rest-directed video that equally enforces the juxtaposition between altercation and elegance, as two dancers jaunt in what’s presumably their bedroom.
The video properly parallels the “claustrophobic” nature of the song, according to Mined. As the delicate synths sputter on, the dancers–with one wounded–take turns making precise movements, akin to speaking sides of an argument. By the end of the video, they’re contorting against each other under engrossing red hues. “Mistakes” is the second single from Mined’s forthcoming Loves Low’s EP, due out in Spring 2017.