MishCatt Debuts Acoustic Version of "Another Dimension"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

MishCatt has released a new EP entitled Highlighter produced by Miike Snow’s Pontus Winnberg.  MishCatt, born Michelle Gonzalez in Costa Rica, met Winnberg after backpacking in Europe as a teen and ending up in Sweden.  She has recorded an acoustic version of “Another Dimension” and Miike Snow did a remix of the same song.  Both are remarkable pieces of music.
Miike Snow’s remix of “Another Dimension” goes beyond standard dance party fare.  The lyrics are able to stand on their own with a subtle background beat.  Although synthesizers are utilized, as in most remixes, you never lose sight of the instruments.  It’s a fun rendition of the song.
But MishCatt’s acoustic version of “Another Dimension” – above – is the real surprise, especially if you listen to the remix first.  She sings with range and emotion that turn the song into a completely different creation.  You can tell that MishCatt really feels the words, and you will too after listening.
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