Moral High Horses reveal new EP with the single "In Other Shoes"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The glitterati, known as, Moral High Horses reveal new EP with the single “In Other Shoes”. Formed in San Francisco in 2016 formerly known as Foreign (never a Foreigner cover band), the group had some help moving forward after collaborating with local artists and friends on video releases for the self-recorded tracks “Don’t Hesitate” and “Apophenia.”After they changed their name, they barricaded themselves at home to experiment with a sound that will present their strangeness and inclination to be accessible to all. The group speaks about inspiration for the new single

“The song was birthed from a meditation technique aimed at picturing yourself as others or other things, like a tree or blade of grass. Later on, I heard a children’s story about a kid who constantly daydreams and one day his daydreams overtook his reality. He had to fight to remember his loved ones and eventually made his way back to the real world with a whole new appreciation of life. I thought maybe a lot of us are that kid, not focusing on what really matters in life.”

So, if you love variety and would like to welcome change in your life, give a listen to “In Other Shoes”. The track speaks about the concept of being trapt, and how hard it can be to escape your own ego and perspective as you grow older. The instruments construct us relatable expressions as you can hear and see the emotions throughout the track. 
Videography by Japhy Riddle