Muthoni The Drummer Queen stuns in new music video for “Make it Right” ft. The Rambling Wheels

Post Author: Meredith Schneider
make it right

Muthoni The Drummer Queen is dazzling. Her name says it all, while the way she carries herself speaks volumes on top of it. You can bet that every song and every piece of art she creates will make you feel something. Her brains and creative direction combined with the powers of producers HOOK and GR! to bestow their latest (superstar quality) hit on the masses. “Make it Right” ft. The Rambling Wheels is a song you can sing at the top of your lungs at karaoke night, driving on the freeway with your windows rolled down, or anytime you want to feel empowered.

The new music video for the track is so much more than we could have expected. I feel like she really couldn’t have gone wrong with whichever way she went with this video, as the music behind it is so compelling and the vocals are incredibly genuine. Seeing as they put so much brilliance into the song, it wasn’t easy to accept the fact that the music video could bring it all up a notch the way that it did. The choice to stick to a color palette of cold, dark colors–with the drape over her being the only vibrancy in the first 3/4 of it–brings the brilliance of her power over her own ability to “make it right” to life. The decision to then bring in more warmth toward the end while repeating the lyric “love is power, superpower”, aids in the heartening aspect of her message.

“Make it Right” ft. The Rambling Wheels is available now.