Naomi Punk, “Television Man”

Post Author: Impose Automaton
Naomi Punk Television Man video

The official video for Naomi Punk‘s “Television Man”, the title track from their latest Captured Tacks LP is self-described as: “Highlighting how ‘The contours of extreme musculature could become an abstract and dark visual medium.'”

This is worth noting, because it’s also a great reference point for Naomi Punk’s music. Masculine in nature, it focuses on the abstract, repetitive and darkly visual medium (see their album cover) to convey their artwork. Created by Robin Stein, expect plenty or repetition and maybe a little bit of the former Terminator (we’re making assumptions here) in this re-working of “1970’s imagery of body building and the Philip Lorca Dicorcia photography series “Lucky 13”.”