O-Face, “O-Thang”

Post Author: Quinn Moreland

O-Face is a band about a band. O-Face is a legend. O-Face is a metaphor for artists who give up chasing the dream. Formed by Preston Ossman (guitar/vocals), Seth Sobottka (guitar/vocals), Atticus Pomerantz (bass), Clay Kaledin (drums), and Dash Flach (synth), O-Face has been quietly advocating for the power of pop since their 2012 EP Shrug Life. Two years later, the pseudo-anthem “Nuthin’ But An O-Thang” has been reduced to “O-Thang” on their full-length record Taste.

Halloween has come and gone but the video for “O-Thang” is about more than costumes and candy. In the video, the actual O-Face members play the fictional O-Face dressed as a werewolf, the invisible man, a vampire, Frankenstein, and a ghost. It’s very meta. The boys head out for a night of trick-or-treating, only to be turned away from their first house, presumably for being too old. Pissed off, the band smash pumpkins, TP a house, and play at a Halloween party. All the while, an anonymous O-Face, the ghost, hangs in the background, trying to cherish his youth: “O-Face sits by himself but he can’t picture no one else / He’s following his dreams or so, or so it seems”.

Taste is out now on bandcamp and on tape through Sad Cactus Records.