Open Mike Eagle, “Informations” (feat. Kool A.D.)

Post Author: Caitlin Greene
Open Mike Eagle

Blake Gillespie said Open Mike Eagle’s new album Dark Comedy, “Is faithful to his self-anointed lineage, a lane he’s cultivated since his 2010 debut on Mush, but mostly in the backend, while the first half of the record cruises on Mike’s artisanal brand of braggadocio disguised as self-deprecation (because even his self critique is wrapped in epigrammatic genius).” Keeping in line with that description we now get a new video for “Informations”, which finds the rapper anxiously tripping down the streets of Bushwick trying to fend off zaps of cartoon lightning radiating from modern mobile technology’s ubiquitous presence. It’s a clear-headed image to look back on fondly when we all have microchips implanted in our eyes.

Dark Comedy is out now on Mello Music Group.