Opossum, “Blue Meanies”

There's two things you can count on when Kody Nielson of Unkown Mortal Orchestra is involved in a project: hi-fi psychedelia and campy, but considerably hi-fi videos to match. His Opossum project does not fall far from the UMO tree. The drums on "Blue Meanies" are pronounced, much like a fine UMO track, and the accompanying visuals are adventurous and trippy.

A group of hikers go into the forest, where nothing ever seems to go right, and encounter a golden reincarnation of Buddha, who's programmed to reincarnate the humans into half-breeds of man and lion or man and cartoon. As things progress, we learn they're not as innocent as once perceived, but are in the forest to acquire jewels and probably deserve to be mutated by a golden Buddha for their greed.

"Blue Meanies" is off Opossum's upcoming Electric Hawaii album, due out this summer.