Pod Blotz, “How Many Times Can I Die?”

Post Author: Sam Lefebvre
pod blotz "how many times can i die?" video still

Los Angeles multi-media artist Suzy Poling’s musical outlet is Pod Blotz, though it’s instructive and rewarding to hear the swelling discography of corroded beats and teeming electronic textures as permutations of her video and graphic work. In live performance as in visual art, Poling traffics in part in stark imagery depicting cloaks and masks, though fortunately without plying the nouveau-noise camp’s limp BDSM clichés. Rather than obscuring the individual, Poling’s work evokes a phantasmagoria of potential identities. Indeed, the reflective prisms in her gallery installations seem to guide Pod Blotz material, which uses tape decay and modulation to subdivide source sounds according to strange and engrossing geometry.

Watch the video component to “How Many Times Can I Die?”—a track from Other, a new tape released by Cønjuntø Vaciø—and visit Poling’s website for a look at the breadth of her work.