Posh Lost, “Fabricate”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Three friends that grew up together in suburban Minnesota–Jeff Cornell, Sean Neppl, and Jackson Woolsey–came together in 2012 to form their band, Gloss. Jordan Bleau, Emmy Carter, and Josh Olson have joined in throughout the years, bringing the group’s unique, heavy-hitting, dance craze sound to a pinnacle. They have chosen to celebrate their shift in sound by re-naming the band. The new name–Posh Lost–rolls off the tongue and, in our eyes, fits the band itself more. Posh Lost has been described as post-punk and goth classicists, and we’d say that’s not altogether off-base.

Their video for “Fabricate” premieres today. It’s a classic, well shot video of the band in a dimly lit room, just jamming and having a good time. It’s a look at the talent in their own element. The vocals are deep–poignant and repetitive–and the visuals pan from band member to band member, giving each one a moment in the spotlight while switching from full speed to slow motion, a palpable, dream-like quality throughout.

Tour Dates
Aug 3 – Pittsburgh, PA with Little Flowers
Aug 4 – Brooklyn, NY at Aviv with EVAN ØNLY, Weeping Icon, Xia,
Aug 5 – Northampton, MA at Red Cross with Grist and Landing
Aug 6 – Brooklyn, NY at The Gutter with DECORUM and Dott (Mirror Uninverse Tapes Presents)
Aug 7 – Philadelphia, PA at Milkboy with Carroll and Doubles

These shows are in the works: 
Aug 8 – Baltimore, MD
Aug 9 – Cleveland, OH
Aug 10 – St. Louis, MO
Aug 11 – Des Moines, IA
Aug 12 – Minneapolis, MN

More tour dates to be announced.