Pratley, "Gigantic"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Indie rock duo Pratley will be releasing their debut self-titled LP this May, and they have come out with a new video for their single “Gigantic”.  Pratley is made up of Sam Wilkes and James Watson, and are based out of LA.  Their sound has an indie rock base, and contains strong guitar sounds and retro, uplifting tones that will make you want to move.
In their video for “Gigantic”, their are two small monitors at the forefront with a kaleidoscopic background.  Displayed on the monitors are Sam and James, psychedelic graphics, as well as the lyrics to the song.  The visuals match the song’s beat changes and introspective lines.
Be looking out for Pratley’s debut LP, and listen to their other single “Don’t” here.