Premiere: Alaskas, “Cheat Cheat”

It's not that Alaskas (Dillon James Rego) used to be more subtle – his vocal looping and droney tones were always kind of walking the line between sanity and madness – but this new record he's got coming out, called Dillon James Rego Is Feelin' Blue, is a weird kind of assault. Claiming to be the singer's take on doo wop and forgotten teen pop rarities from the early '60s, this first single "Cheat Cheat" is an aggressive accusation, more reminiscent of The Clash's "Cheat" then any sort of polite teenybopper lament. The video, filmed at Fort Tilden Beach in Brooklyn, is Dillon splashing around, hypnotizing the camera, following the rhythm and charge of his own jagged percussion.

Dillon James Rego Is Feelin' Blue is out September 7 as a limited-run cassette on Prison Tapes, but for now you can listen to the whole thing at the link.