Premiere: Love Cop, “Haunt My Heart”

Maybe the first "if I was a ghost" related thought you had wasn't, "I'd watch cute girls shower," but it was certainly a close second. Walk through walls was first, right?

Love Cop's uncensored video for "Haunt My Heart" has a storyline that taps into the mind of a teenage boy, specifically a boy who's day dreaming about a life as a ghost in sunglasses. If we were to take a stab at the story line, we'd guess it's about two best friends who had a crush on the same seapunk chick, but died tragically. Neither dude got the opportunity to tell the young girl they loved her. Here's the twist. She loved them too, which is why she spends her days at the cemetary and why she showers with a knowing look on her face that somewhere, in heaven or purgatory, those boys are watching her bathe.

Way better plot than Ghost and Ghost Dad combined. If this was a feature film, we'd expect Diarrhea Planet's "Ghost With A Boner" to also be on the motion picture soundtrack.

Love Cop's 2 True / 2 Real out now on Burger Records & Gnar Tapes.