Premiere: RUMTUM, “When”

In keeping with RUMTUM's "anywhere but here" exoticist production, the video for Mystic Wonders album opener "When" is built from global clips of paradise beaches, Arabian camels led by men in turbans, and snake charmers. Though RUMTUM has left Ohio for Colorado, something tells us the even harsher winters have kept his favoritism for the xanadu sounds of tropical terrains running strong.

"When" is an introduction to an excellent solo offering that was released early fall on 1320 Records. The track instantly transports the listener to a tranquil space on the serenade of a carefree vocal sample, like the most inviting of whistles that beckons to a getaway destination. As winter settles in, we advise pulling the curtains, whipping up homemade Singapore Slings, and tuning out to RUMTUM's latest record.

RUMTUM's Mystic Wonders is out now on 1320 Records and streaming at his Bandcamp.