Premiere: Schonwald, “Mercurial”

There's a trending phrase going around our office these days that, upon hearing new music, goes something like, "Sounds very eastern European". Whether there's actually an increase in Iron Curtain-inspired post-punk tunes passing through the music world's Checkpoint Charlie or all the black, slicked-back dos, high rise military boots are a figment of our pinko imaginations, today we're happy to premiere a video from Italian duo Schonwald that most certainly adds to the conspiracy.

The "Mercurial" clip, off their debut 7-inch of the same name on HoZac, is exactly that, dishing existential, strobe pulsating images of the two backed by the thumping industrial beat and desolate, echoed vocals of the track. There's also plenty of black, not red, balloons but so far our tally is inconclusive on how many (96,97,98…so close!) If anyone in your midst is coming off a little too damn chummy today, it's a great way to bring them down a few notches.