Premiere: Stevie Nader, “MF Dream”, Boywolf remix feat. Sean LaMarr

Introducing the new patron saints and sons of the San Joaquin—we present the visual experience for the Boywolf remix of Stevie Nader's "MF Dream" featuring Sean LaMarr (rapper of Sacramento's DLRN). Debuting the music video from Sami Abdou and UpperCloud Media, you are invited to explore the modern metropolises and urban kingdom's in the thick air of nightfall. With California's capital city experiencing a creative surge throughout their diverse communities; Stevie, Sean, and Boywolf turns these hungry dreams into realities like shooting star wishes turned into realized commands.

On "MF Dream" every bit of percussion is given a visual counterpart from the edited synchronization of foot steps, the clapping and clasping of hands, to the sniff and rub of the nose. The keyboard's tones fill the expanses of alleys, parking garage interiors, as slow motion images of Stevie and Sean taking to the night's stillness and impenetrable darkness with fiery torches held like path-seeking lanterns. Stevie Nader's lyrics are treated by Boywolf's audio edits that get transformed into hums and r&b lullabies conjoined with the production's keys and percussion arrangements.

Moving images from vehicles display a vision of downtown that feels futuristic, almost CGI generated, but very real. The video's backdrop of tagged wall backgrounds, empty streets, vacant structures, and moments of impromptu dance begins the underground takeover by this pack of friends. Sean's verse ties their surroundings together like a red bow on a gift box, as Sacramento becomes a vessel for their dreams to inhabit. Further enriching the 916 area and helping to usher in their city's new age of enlightenment; the rise of the new Sac guard alludes to what further dreams are still yet to come.