Premiere: SUNDOWN, “Sleepy Song”

To commemorate SUNDOWN's Mansion Burning cassette getting the circular treatment of vinyl on Light In The Attic, the band released a video for "Sleepy Song". A collection of tour footage, mostly from the perspective of a rear-view mirror, make up the VHS-quality video. It's telling to the tour experience, which is far less glamorous than most will ever know – a lot of driving, stuck behind 18-wheelers, and setting up and breaking down gear.

The Midwest in all its sleepy glory will always be rooted in a hint of twang, even in its most urban sectors. SUNDOWN are plugged in to the heartland on "Sleepy Song", and it sings its aching woes out through that cagey harmonica.

SUNDOWN's Mansion Burning 12" is available via Light In The Attic/Spoonful Records or on their Bandcamp.