S, “Like Gangbusters”

Post Author: Abbie Hornburg
S Like Gangbusters

“Like Gangbusters” creates a comical portrait of artist Jenn Ghetto amidst buzzing rumors of her debacle as a musician. Formerly of Seattle folk-pop collective Carissa’s Wierd, Ghetto’s solo project S packs raw emotion and vulnerability into introspective pop-songs. Quiet, steady guitars glide over ever-widening vocals that sway between ambient and pure-pop belting. Pulling inspiration from snippets of Ghetto’s own life, the song unfolds in a range of complex emotions and thoughts like a detailed schematic to her mind’s inner workings.

S has expanded into a full band and last year recorded an LP titled Cool Choices with producer Chris Walla (of Death Cab For Cutie). Director Stacy Peck (of Childbirth and Pony Time) captures Ghetto’s wry humor in the video release for the jangly, propulsive ballad, “Like Gangbusters.” Throughout the video, Ghetto goes through her day; working as a barista, taking the city bus and completing chores while two young women trail her path. The video is packed with satire and highly humorous moments with a play on speculative humors, and tabloid headlines – “aging rocker Jenn Ghetto can’t make it to payday – is her fortune gone?” Working as a barista at café, the video reaches a thematic dance number after Ghetto is given a five-dollar tip. Ghetto’s harmonies are simply clean – natural thematic progression and barrel drumming drive its melodies – as she swirls around the café with the declaration, “We all fall sometimes, you will not take me down.”

Cool Choices is out now on Hardly Art.