Seagulls, “You & Me”

Post Author: Loren DiBlasi

Sometimes projectile objects have a habit of smacking you in the face. Sometimes it’s for the purposes of art. In their video for “You & Me”, Philadelphia band Seagulls enter the line of fire. Raw eggs, silly string, water balloons, mystery liquids; no substance is off limits, and the results are a little bit surreal and wholly entertaining.

Its video is chock full of self-deprecating humor, but “You & Me” is finely crafted indie pop, rich and sunny with a variety of textures. With hazy harmonies and a soothing, hypnotic beat, it’s dreamy and folk-inspired, but with a clever bent. “You & Me” is the lead single off Seagull’s Great Pine, a debut record written while cloistered from the world in a West Virginia cabin. Still, there are traces of influence to be found, from Grizzly Bear and Beach House to the retro pop of the Beach Boys.

Great Pine is out February 3.