Seersha, "Paper"

Post Author: Emily Chu

If you’re looking for a new artist to incorporate into your playlist, look no farther than this Atlanta girl, Seersha. Her name comes from the phonetic spelling of Saorise, which means “freedom.” Seersha describes her sound as “chill electropop,” which is a pretty spot on descriptor, but this wasn’t always the case. Not long ago, you would’ve found her in Nashville, writing country songs for other people.
Recently, she released a video for her second single. The track is called “Paper,” and her sound rings true to the chill electropop vibe. The video starts with labels and company logos flashing across the screen, flashing so fast that your mind can barely register what they are before they’re gone, and the next logo is on the screen. Seersha’s voice floats over the vibrating pulse in the background as she sings “little pieces of paper, you are all that I want, little pieces of paper, you are all I need.” The sound is laid back yet captivating, just like the music video, and we are such big fans.