Someday River, “Cave”

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Cave” is the newest video release by Someday River (Greyson Charnock – guitar, vocals, synth; Sean Boyle – percussion; Kyle Fournier – bass).  The indie trio is based in Orlando and began a recent tour of Florida on October 6th.

The actual video for “Cave” was in fact shot over the course of an evening on December 31st, 2015. The video follows the song through a night of various get-togethers featuring different groups of friends.  The band has captured a feeling of carefree existence.  Someday River has artfully woven the song into the video as if they were thinking of the film as they wrote the song.

“This video was shot by one of our best buds, Ryan Scanlan,” explains Charnock. “The footage wasn’t really intended to be anything, but the interactions that he captured were so natural and so relatable. There is a sense of happiness; possibly momentary; possibly fleeting. nonetheless. People in the video seem to know the world outside is bustling; frantic.. but find stillness in a moment.  We paired it with our song ‘Cave’ for that reason.”

Video Credits: 

Shot by Ryan Scanlan
Edited by Greyson Charnock
Additional Footage from Alex Gerhard

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