Souvenir Driver, "Photographs"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

In their new, super blissed out video for the song “Photographs” Portland’s Souvenir Driver plays while we get to watch some clips from old educational videos. The video starts with a video of a flower in bloom, later on we see a woman doing some flips in a field and at the end, a short clip of a man and woman looking out a window.
“Photographs” is a hybrid of fuzzy shoegaze and experimental pop. The track is all gooey reverb and dreamy vocals, making the listener feel like they’re floating on a cloud. “Photographs” is perfect spring music, the kind of track that will make you want to go on long Sunday drives or sit by the beach.
03/29 – Harvard & Stone – Los Angeles, CA
03/30 – The Pour House – Oceanside, CA
03/31 – Til-Two Club – San Diego, CA
The band’s self-titled LP is out April 14th. Keep up with Souvenir Driver here.