Soviet Soviet, “Further”

Soviet Soviet first took us with "1990", that we described as existing in the foreboding worlds of tomorrow, and carrying within itself a peculiar degree of caution. Their album Fate from Felte brought it all full circle, as the trio of Andrea Giometti, Alessandro Costantini, and Alessandro Ferri continue to take it, "Further", in this videos blurred tape presentation. The trio occupies what resembles a polytech hallway in a video that works like an audio-video department experiment assignment. The video cuts between the band's fast paced noise packed performance, and the various adventures of the band's ginger haired fan. The wandering day-to-night-to-day footage with Soviet Soviet's impromptu setup recalls a minimalist version of the Michelangelo Antonioni's age of Italo-Franco cinema.

Soviet Soviet's album Fate is available now from Felte.