Spinning Coin, "Raining On Hope Street"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

There’s this moment in the middle of Spinning Coin’s “Raining On Hope Street” that is so nonchalant and wonderful it feels like it’s breaking your heart. Spinning Coin is a Glasgow based, DIY dream pop project and in this new track the emphasis is heavy on the dreamy. The band infuses classic, bright guitar reverb and moody vocals, situating itself in the likes of bands like Miracle Fortress and the Brittle Stars. As the guitar builds, we hear the band share wallflower sentiments about love (If I had your heart/I’d give it to you) and (I’m your friend/there’s no one else around). “Raining On Hope Street,” is a lazy day song fit for spending with your crush, or perhaps just on your own in company of good thoughts.
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