Spoonboy, “The Dispossessed”

Post Author: Niccolo Porcello

Spoonboy, the project of Washington DC-based musician David Combs, has released a new video for the song “The Dispossessed”. The video, shot entirely in black and white, follows Combs as he goes to a party in his native DC and, upon wandering in, becomes a witness to the terrors of relationships collapsing all around him. The camera pivots shakily as things devolve further, letting us feel the claustrophobia of this particular sad shindig. The video compliments the song, which is steeped in pop-punk nihilism; at one point Combs sings “took a bus past the house I grew up in, but it’s just some walls to keep the warm air in,” which, while that may literally be the case, seems harsh. The most intriguing moment of the video occurs when Combs pulls back the curtain fronting a closet and finds a mirage of a girl playing cello. There is something endearing about the look of wonder on Spoonboy’s face and, like the rest of the song and video, reflects the emotion of implausible wonder, even at the most absurd parties.

“Dispossessed” is from Spoonboy’s split with Colour Me Wednesday, which you can stream / buy from his Bandcamp.