Starbenders, “Paper Beats Rock”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Georgia’s glam rock collective Starbenders – comprised of Kimi Shelter (lead vocals, lead guitar), Aaron Lecesne (bass, vocals), Katie Herron (drums), and Chris Tokaji (guitars, vocals) – did something pretty cool with their latest project. They shot a music video for their song “Paper Beats Rock” – off their most recent Heavy Petting LP – with multiple cameras after a recent sold out performance in their hometown of Atlanta. Everyone in the video was part of the amazing crowd that night that stuck around to be a part of it all. (Yeah. All of these people who look like they just got there for a video shoot have been dancing and sweating their asses off for hours already. There must be something in the water in Atlanta.) Check out the exclusive premiere of “Paper Beats Rock” right here, in all of its dramatic, slow motion, hip swaying, glitter-ridden, hair whipping glory.

Heavy Petting is out now.