Suburban Living, “I Don't Fit In”

Suburban Living released its “I Don’t Fit In” video this week, the first song off of their Dream EP, which came out earlier this summer. The man behind the project, one Wesley Bunch, does his best to not fit amidst girls in lingerie and masquerade masks. The video engages a genderless, apathetic, rock-dream vibe that comes together somewhere between the outdated-motel aesthetic of the set and the explosion of confetti in a room full of half naked models at the end of the song.

Yet, true to the song’s title, Wesley doesn’t smile the entire time, his emotions gated and curious. While the motion of the song feels like a celebratory anthem of the self, it’s an ambiguous declaration of separation that doesn’t define who the singer is, or where exactly the speaker of the song would fit in. Director, Abraham Vilchez-Moran captures that sentiment without being heavy-handed or too serious which allows the song to be the work's centerfold.

Suburban Living’s Dream EP is out now and available at their Bandcamp.