Super Vacation, “It’s Getting Better All the Time”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

The west coast’s pop project Super Vacation – brought to you by talented musicians Jordan Klassen and Danny Burke – has been working in secret between Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis to bring us new music. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their latest music video for “It’s Getting Better All the Time” right here.

Brilliantly animated by Danny Burke, the video reminds us of the extreme talents that are often hidden by some of our favorite artists. The song is about staying positive and getting through difficult things, and the illustrations match that. One character sings through a microphone, recruiting percussionists and collaborators on his way across a landscape rife with threats like black smoke and scary monster-looking creatures. The song reassures that if we work together, we can handle basically anything.

Says Burke of the video:

When I write music I always see pictures, colors, stories, so it’s a natural fit for me to try and create videos for some of the music I’ve worked on.  Although the music and the concept for the video came together very quickly, the execution on the video was quite labor intensive.  I hand drew all the cells with pen, colored pencil and water colors for the frames of the video and pieced it together one picture at a time.  I liked the frenetic look of true hand drawn animation, the individual imperfections, so in all there is easily 2000 plus pictures pieced together.  The story is simple, youthful, and hopeful.

Put some pep in your step with this video, then head over to Super Vacation’s Facebook to keep up with the guys.